Filter pchntv_ajax_return_format

Created by Daniel Feldbrugge, Modified on Mon, 11 Dec 2023 at 11:47 AM by Daniel Feldbrugge

Customize the validation format and generate custom messages

add_filter('pchntv_ajax_return_format', 'pchntv_ajax_return_format_custom_code', 1, 10);
function pchntv_ajax_return_format_custom_code($return_format){

    $municipalities = [
        'GM0344', //Gemeente Utrecht
        'GM0935', //Gemeente Maastricht

    if(in_array($return_format['adres']['municipality_code'], $municipalities)) {
        return $return_format;

    $return_format['adres']['error'] = true;
    $return_format['adres']['message'] = 'Uw adres is niet geschikt';
    $return_format['adres']['found'] = true;

    return $return_format;

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